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What's the problem?

I don't quite understand, so are you looking for relationship advice?!

You have mentioned you don't have a problem with gambling but you have come to this forum (which is for compulsive gamblers/gambling addicts) looking for help. I am really not sure how to help you or what to say.

Maybe you could stop lying to her and explain to her it's not a problem. As long as you continue to hide things from your partner you're gonna have problems.

Big Dave (Uxbridge/Eastcote)
It really isn't for anyone to say. If you are an addict you will know!

For sure it is common amongst compulsive gamblers to deny their problem and it is also common for them to have the ability to justify every bet and every hour wasted in a gambling establishment. However, by what you have already mentioned (if you are being honest) you don't sound like you are an addict. You mentioned "Have been gambling on and off now for about 15 years now without any issues. Just for enjoyment". I cannot tell if you are in denied or not, I don't know you, I don't know your story either. All I know is that your partner has a problem with you gambling and that you have had to hide it.

GA can help compulsive gamblers if they wish to stop gambling. It is done through attending meetings and working a recovery program. If you are an addict and to wish to stop gambling then I suggest you seek out your nearest meeting (there is one in Watford).

Big Dave (Uxbridge/Eastcote)

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