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Advice on going to ga please
Hello Danny

Your asking for advice? Only requirement for GA is a desire to stop as long as you have that....simply turn up at your nearest meeting and take it from there...

In my experience no one looks forward to going to GA....I certainly didn't....I was scared, low, depressed because of my gambling and how it had affected my life...
Going to GA isn't an instant fix, but it does give me a road map to recovery if i want to follow it...

Smartie xx
Dannywford Wrote:I'm attending one tomorrow at 730 at Wakefield. It's been almost two weeks since I admitted to my partner i have a problem. And also two weeks since I stepped/gambled at bookies. It does feel very good. But I still feel disappointed with my self.

DaveyB Wrote:Hi Danny,

How did the meeting go?


Yes its always nice to hear fellow compulsive gamblers experiences of GA....
GA isn't perfect of course and if there's lessons we can learn so be it...

Hope your well
Smartie xx

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