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Lost, desperate without hope.
Yes...Yes...and No...

As you're discovering still gambling addiction can be very devious...
My addiction also challenges me daily and I need to keep working many of the strategies that keep me away...
Yes its tiring...annoyingly so but the alternative is me continuing to get worse...

that's my reality...

In your therapy I see you are trying to be honest and that's positive...GA offers so much help and what I find frustrating is when I hear people say 'I've tried GA and it didn't work' when your quite open and admit you haven't managed to work it all fully yet...

I wish I could say every group in GA is as good as the next....but in my experience that's not the case...BUT there is help out there when you keep looking...

Couple of useful strategies from my experience....
Get involved within the fellowship....It really does make a difference...Group roles, regional activities, helping out, etc...
Working the steps....Firstly get a sponsor...perhaps there isn't anyone suitable in your home meeting - getting to other meetings will help with that...
Anything sound useful there??
Smartie xx
Hi Morgan

Thanks for your honesty i really appreciate that...

GA recovery isn't easy i get that....I love that you've put the effort in and got a lot from it...but i also recognise that not everyone understands this addiction...

For me GA offers so much help when I ask for it...and for me your're trying Morgan so if you need anything let me know...

You know GA has a chat room on the main ga site? Many people use it in between meetings for some support...

Keep reading the posts and sharing with others...

In unity
Smartie xx

For me the spiritual recovery program is not religious, yet it is spiritual based.

My conscience is spiritual based and when I do or say some thing unhealthy I hurt myself.

The addictions and obsessions were just a symptom that I could not cope with life and people in a healthy way.

I would try and escape in fear before entering the spiritual recovery program.

Abstaining is abstaining, just stop hurting myself would not make me healthy I would just live in less pain and fear..

Talking war stories about money and gambling I was avoiding giving therapies.

My emotional triggers were pains I was burying and hiding,

My emotional triggers were fears I was not facing head on,

My emotional triggers were my frustrations due to my unreasonable expectations of life and people.

My emotional triggers were loneliness.

My emotional triggers were boredom because I was not productive in healthy ways.

Giving up my access to money was due to the fact I could not trust myself with money.

I would like to think I am emotionally detached from all forms of gambling.

Sharing my recovery is a two way street.

My time off does not make me an expert.

Do my words and actions demonstrate healthy living today.

Am I any way scared of facing myself today.

Have I talked in great depth about the twenty questions.

Do I question the spiritual recovery program today because I am insecure inept and inadequate.

Or do I question the spiritual recovery program today because I want to be more understanding of what is healthy today.

How much more time did I need to waste before I would recognize how unhealthy my addictions and obsessions were.

I am very selfish in my recovery today.

Love and peace Dave

It is very important to not give up faith or hope in your self.

Each break out gambling can be a lesson if we are willing to learn from it.

No matter where I am I am not alone today

Love and peace Dave of Beckenham

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