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The inner chimp

First post here. I am an aspiring poker player in my early twenties and have had some success. My problem comes with side games; in general, I am a winning player at online and live poker. My issue lies that I am not scare to put large 4 figure sums on the spin of the wheel and blackjack and also things like dog racing. Just wondering if anyone else is in thes ame situation . People usually just say, step away when your losing ; but there's an animal inside that completely changes your mindset and I can't go back to thinking as I would if I was having a beer with friends. The hardest thing in the world is to change that thought process. MY biggest problem is I love playing poker and I don't by any stretch of the imagination want to give this up. I have spent 4-5 dedicating most of my time to this game , which I strongly have a passion for . I just Cba being broke all the time as it's effecting me socially and it's getting in the way of me of succeeding
Hello Brokeman

Going to reply on your 'inner chimp' part...

Yes I get that...many call it different things...

I call it my progressive addiction to gambling...

Interesting though comparing it to an amimal....mine would be a bear...
It's crazy , one minute your playing and the next minute I only get my mind back in place when I'm being shafted.

My issue is I don't really want to stop gambling I just want to be more controlled ? Which I am finding to be harder than stopping gambling altogether . Sick habit
How can you be 'more controlled' if you're a compulsive gambler?! Also if you don't want to stop entirely why would you come to a site like this i.e. for addicts?

I am a little confused.

Big Dave (Eastcote/Uxbridge/High Wycombe)

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