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As a long term member of GA (over 38 years free of a bet) I realise this fellowship has given me a quality of life which would have been impossible had I continued to gamble. As someone who has served at both regional and national level I am aware of the hard work our volunteers do to keep our fellowship running smoothly.
However there are times when things happen that I really disagree with and this is one such time. One of the things that attracted me to GA was the strict adherence to anonymity. Although I am now retired my job became important and retention of my anonymity was paramount to my recovery.
I have to ask therefore why it is necessary to create a database of trusted servants of each group including personal addresses etc. We have always communicated either by contacting the group at the meeting place or by telephone with either group phone numbers or personal numbers provided by willing members to others. THERE IS NO WAY I WOULD PERMIT MY DETAILS TO BE ENTERED ON ANY DATABASE. Despite promises of secrecy we all know anything can be hacked. In my opinion this is dangerous and contravenes our guidelines. I would appreciate other members comments please.

Not quite sure this forum is the correct place to bring this up. Surely making your views heard at a regional meeting or at the AGM would be better options. Especially as this forum is open for anyone to view with probably the minority actually being existing GA members.

In regards to having a database of contact details, this is purely because the old system (or lack of it) was not working. The contact/communication between GA and its groups/members was becoming worse and information was not getting to members.

The contact details are not shared with anyone. If you don't wish to give your details then you don't have to. Since the introduction of the Information Officer the communication within GA has become far more efficient.

Big Dave (Eastcote/Uxbridge/High Wycombe)
Allens sure if you've got any queries how the Information officer works you can ask them directly via the contact us button on the Main GA page...

Hope this helps

Smartie xx

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