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Say Goodbye to the Double Life
I can relate to your story. It's pretty similar to my own experience. The money can certainly go quick in casinos.
If you have not done so yet make sure your next job is to write to the casinos you went to and ask to be self excluded. When the letters are in the post box you will have taken some action to put a barrier in place to stop .
I felt good when I did this.
Make sure you limit your ability to gamble. For me this was essential. Do not allow your habit to go online (unless it already has). Do the same. Self exclude. Get someone to help manage your money.
The early days are tough.
Get to a GA meeting and keep going back. Share your story. Listen to others. Ask how it works. Read how it works on the forum.
All will be good again and you never have to gamble again. But you only have to remember-
Today I will not gamble. Don't have the first gamble.
Get some hobbies quick. Read books, get busy.
Be vigilant to external events that make you want to gamble. The 12 steps can help you look at yourself and help you understand the illness and you. You will need someone to explain it to you. A sponsor they are called. The meetings are great.
Take it easy.
Steve x
(Last bet 13-3-15)
Cancel the memberships.
If you want to quit for good it will not matter.
Willpower alone will not help.
I enjoyed the casino trips but hated them too.
Much better not to be going.
Your journey...hope you make the right decisions
Steve x
Good you have joined the discussions and want a new way of life. Very sensible to stop now before you pay no bills and waste all your money on gambling.
Read the forums and postings and try a meeting.
Best of luck
Steve x
We share the same illness. If it helps you it helps us. We were helped when we came in and we do what we can to pass it on. Being part of the fellowship is what people choose to do even when the worst has passed for it is really nice to be part of it.
You can sort it all out.
If you have more specific questions do ask. Especially at a meetng if you can find some experienced members.
Debts can be sorted. Finances can recover. You can recover.
All the best
Steve x
Use GA to the max and then when you get paid you will at least have some knowledge of what to do to deal with moments of temptation / dealing with the obsession. Best still, if you are not able to handle having money, give it over to someone that can and get some pocket money from them for day to day expenses. It is not extreme, it is just being sensible.
Hope you get through the day without that first gamble.
Key - meetings, 12 steps, support from fellow GA members.
It's possible to get through the early days ok, but until you are more equipped to handle having money, until that day, take no chances.
Just a suggestion!
I hate the illness and wish you a good recovery.
Its not easy - you have to be honest, willing to go to any lengths and admit that by yourself you are powerless over this illness. In GA you will find a power greater than yourself that will help you in your recover.
That power comes in many forms. For me it is the people around me who I can turn to for support 24/7 (I have not tested them on this but I feel that if I did I will get help). Also, a great Sponsor (guide) who took me through the 12 steps (I am at Step 9) with another fellowship.
Best wishes
Hello Amy
Hope all is ok.
Did you get to a GA meeting.
All you can do is be upfront and honest. You need help. Make sure you are committed to GA and all that is involved and take all other steps to stop that you can.
You can make amends for he harm caused. Your commitment to stopping will at least start the path to recovery. The 12 Step programme will help you.
Start a new theread and tell us your experience of GA on Monday.
All the best
It is probably not a good idea to test your ability to place bet for others and hope you will not be tempted.
Just admit to others you find gambling a problem and do not go to such places. In the early days (always probably) you would be better avoiding these places.
Hope it works for you.
If you have a problem perhaps try a meeting. Find out what GA has to offer. Please don't risk your future happiness of your family and your own. Admit your problem in a meeting if you can and find some new friends who can support you and help you.
Hope you get there
Hi Lizzie
Always good to hear others share. It's tough isn't it but seems like you are doing lots to help yourself. I hope you continue to do so.
It's easy to be hard on yourself too for what has happened but for me it's about acceptance. If I have regrets about the past it puts me in danger.
If your mood is low some say speak to the doctors. We are not qualified to offer such advice but all GA can do if offer support and ways to stay gambling free.
Hope you can start to be kind to yourself and start to feel better.
Take it easy
Steve x
Hi everyone
It's great to see people helping each other it really is. this illness is evil it spares no one black white tall small nice people horrible people it will take anyone at any time,and keep coming g back for more.i read post on here everyday it helps me in my recovery currently just short of 2 years,just some advice from my own experiences you have no need to beat it in fact you won't beat it you just have to accept it accept who you are a compulsive gambler and honestly if you can get past that bit you will be on the right track another piece of advice is until I went to meetings I couldn't stop long term I would be able to stop for short periods maybe a month or so but nothing I could sustain I always went if you really are at rock bottom and are willing to try anything why not try a meeting you never know you might actually enjoy it the sense of relief it's not just you people have been where you are and understand what you are going through
So good luck to everyone and I hope you make the right choice for me it's a meeting every week with plenty of work in between
Cheers nigel

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