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At the beginning of my recovery I use to find it boring.

I started my recovery back in 1969 and found it very scary and boring once I knew all the war storeys time and time again.

For me my recovery is not about living in the past talking about lost money lost time of lost opportunities.

For me my recovery is all about improving me today and living for today yet also about learning from our past unhealthy actions and unhealthy words.

For me life is not about who is right or wrong but more about every one getting healthy.

So the recovery is all about learning from our past not living in it today.

The serenity helps me understand that I am unable to improve or regulate any one but myself.

Yet by my healthy actions and healthy words do I demonstrate what spiritual recovery is all about.

Are my shares about stories or therapies on how I have made things more secure in my life today.

When I share can people relate to how I use to feel and how I can improve the quality of my life today.

Do my therapies help people help other people see relate and understand my own vulnerability as well as their own.

Do I talk about my emotional vulnerability today.

Do I talk about my goals today and ambitions today.

My emotional honesty demonstrates my own security today and well being today.

Love nd peace to every one Dave of Beckenham
For myself as an addict listening to war stories helps...but only to a point...

Like you say recovery needs to be on the daily level for me....

Addiction doesn't just go away because I want it to...

Smartie xx

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