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I can't stop gambling
3 weeks no gambling
Are you doing what is being suggested to you at the meetings you go to?

There's no miracle cure as I am sure you know. Some stop gambling when they join GA and some break out.

If you are continuing to gamble then you obviously still have access to money/funds. One of the first things suggested to new members in GA is, if possible, to hand their finances over to a partner or family member. Maybe there are some other things that you might not be doing.

Nobody in GA can make you take on board the suggestions that are made to you but it is up to you to administer them. It is mentioned on page 6 of the orange book 'the GA program will ALWAYS work for anyone who wants to stop gambling', the trouble is most people have selective hearing and thinking and continue to try to do things their own way without completely surrendering to the fact that they have a controlling illness. Hence, it goes on to say in the orange book that the GA program 'will seldom work for the man or woman who cannot, or will not, squarely face the facts about this illness'.

If you are going to regular meetings and taking in what is being said then I reckon you already know what you are doing wrong....the things you are not doing!

Big Dave (Eastcote/Uxbridge/High Wycombe)
Hi Tyger

I'm not pointing at you but its amazing how often when I ask the question 'Are you working the 12 step program' members have no idea what i'm talking about. I'm not even talking newbies...this includes people who have been in GA years...

Its particularly frustrating when you hear people have left GA and say GA doesn't work saying the same answer....

So if you don't have the 12 steps explained to you...ASK...and keep ASKING....

Smartie xx
yeah thanks people...
well my last bet was last tuesday...
it has been a week since my last bet...
yeah thanks smartie i need to find out the 12 steps

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