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I can’t stop - Kr1sty - 27-04-2021

I never ever thought I’d find myself in this situation, I’ve blown thousands in the last 18 months, I went through a traumatic incident in dec 19 before that I had a pretty normal steady ) a little boring) life. I’ve tried blocking my bank cards found a way around that so I used gamstop which was great for about a week until I found a way round that , I just can’t seem to stop myself , I’ve blown my rent and bounced bills so I’m now being evicted and have huge debts, I feel like I’ve let my family down and I absolutely hate myself yet I can’t stop, I sit here crying night after night and I’ve just used my last tenner on the slots, I hate myself for being so weak and feel I’d be better off dead than carry on like this. My mental Heath is in bits and I feel like I’m losing my mind.