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What can I expect to her from GA?
Hi all,

I have just registered as after many years I’m finally getting serious about attending gamblers anonymous as nothing else seems to work. 
I also appreciate this maybe in the wrong forum section, unfortunately my phone blocks the website access to creating new post in Q&A so please move this over if need be, admin. 

What I am here to ask is, through your experience or knowledge, what can I expect to her from GA, is it a practical session, is there anything to prepare? And what did you gain from your first meeting?

Quick background, in 30yo. I have been gambling for 10 years and year by year the stakes get higher and my debts grow bigger. 
My friends know about my addiction but unfortunately, most people see gambling addiction as a lad cultured bit of fun so it’s hard to talk seriously with friends. And I’ve tried talking to my parents (who have bailed me out numerous times) but I become weird and defensive, even though I fully understand my problem. 

I ask about GA as I’ve been to GP, spoken with Gamcare plenty of times, I am on Gamstop online, had about 15 hours hypnotherapy specifically for gambling. 
Where some things work short term. I always end up back to gambling my monthly wages in 24-48 hours. 

I’m just so drained or being ‘skint’ and having no money for holidays(et luxuries), struggle for petrol money to get to work, can’t afford lunch. It’s constant, every day, exhausting.

 Even writing this I’ve racked up £xx monthly phone bill as was using friends online bookmaker and betting £xx every day on my phone contract. 

So anyway, back to the purpose of the post. I really want to go to a meeting but I’ve become a very anxious, low confident person in the last couple years and it makes me anxious attending, I think I’ll see people I know there, I’ll feel judged(I know how silly this sounds) and just that I won’t gain anything from it as I’m bound to be doomed. Nothing stops me gambling. 

 Thank you

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