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I have tonight realised the scale of my problem. I have spent loads on gambling since I turned eighteen in early May. I have now got myself tied up in these 'quick cash' loans only to gamble the money away. I have admitted my problem to my parents tonight and came clean; they have taken complete control of my finances. I am not sure I can go cold turkey but know I have to, just to prove to my parents that I have repented. I know I am not ready to attend a GA meeting at this point. Does anyone have any advice on how to help me?
Hi James, Admitting to your parents was a good start but in all honesty this is a serious illness and I could never have tackled it on my own. Over the years I tried various things and did sometimes have weeks and months of abstinence from gambling but would eventually go back thinking I could control 'it'. I was only young when I also started gambling and continued to gambled for 45 years of my life. A big chunk of my life is missing, broken friendships, marriages, homes lost, family members who no longer could understand me or my erratic behaviour. For me the only answer was GA and I have stuck with it for the last 10 years. I try to meet 'life' today on 'lifes terms' without having to escape with gambling. I hope for your sake that you have nipped this in the 'bud' early, but if you ever need GA - it will be there waiting for you with people who understand exactly what you have been through.
You take care James!
A friend in the GA fellowship
new to this

if your not ready to attend GA your not ready to stop

My name is dougie and im a compulsive GAMBLER

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