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need some advice please
Hi iam a very worried friend! Someone very close to me at least once a mth tells me they have lost a great deal of money or all,I've tryed talking to them n pointin out that its not worth it but all I get is I know iam such a idiot!,all I want to help help them but I just don't know how as I know they would never come to somewhere like this or tell anybody else!,so if anybody reading this can give me some advice I would be so so greatful...
Hey WOrried Friend,
Firstly its good that your mate has a friend who cares to ask questions.

I think the reason its very difficult to advise you is thta if your mate wants help then he needs to seek that help. I used to look at the small pieces of paper in the gambling places that say "have a problem with gambling>?" and this oh not really its just some fun, im not that bad.

then I found GA, a group of people who understand the problem that we face, its not a instant cure, its not going to settle the debts and change the misery overnight but what it does is allow you to know that your not alone and there is a better life away from gambling.

tell your friend you know a guy who lost his wife, his business, everything he knew from gambling and I am not alone in that.

What I am also not alone in is the daily fight to simlpy not gamble.

You as a friend can only suggest, you cannot rationally argue to your mate that he has a problem as the desease will tell him otherwise.

tell him you will search for a GA meeting and go with him, if he is interested in what he hears then he will get something out of that meeting.

At the moment shame is a big word and his pride may stop him doing that but he will thank you if he enters that room and listens and speaks.

I wish you the best and your friend.


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