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My name is stamps  and I am  C. gambler
  In  my case      was  a lot of lies, deception   and  more   and more kies, robbery , losing jobs  , fraud, beek up, sleeping    o the streets  and  more I can not remember.
by stopping  I got   a new life   no more lies  no more  worries   and more  peace of mind .
My  problem   was   I wanted    what was not ne  in reality  I wanted   to be rich    and  did not happen.
gambling  gave  me nothing   but  trouble  took  away   everything      and  that was it .
  I was not   normal  person  when in  action      but   that is the past,  I did not   saw that then.
Now  I got  everything  ,  I got  trust  to start  with,m trust is very important to me, more than  anything else, what  I have built   on the period  of no gambling  is  incredible.
I have  my family,  a Job   for   a  living  and that  is  what  exactly  need   for  a normal  person  I did not have that  when I was in action  of  gambling  mode.
No  one   can  stop    anyone  from gambling  is there  all the time  when  we   go out  on the street  day   and  night, I was weak   I was sick   mentally  we  all got   weakness  and  we need to address  that one way or another,  by counselling   or  meetings  with G.A..
No other  person   can  do   us to  stop   only oneself
We  go to meetings   , we can get  advice   but the  final decision   is the addicted  person  to stop   that madness.
And     if we continue  to gamble   will be  the road to ruin our life   and  may  be the nearest  to us   in one  way or another.
 If  we stop    we  will bring   a  better life   for the  person  that  gamble   and the  love ones, I  choose the second  ,  and it is  incredible     the difference   that  has   come  in my  way  of life.
I have not  gamble  for  over  7 years      and  I will say  that    I  have  gain   more in  every  way   mentally       and       enjoy   life  like  a normal  person, Gamble    gave nothing   and    I want     more  enjoyment in  life      by   not  gambling
My name is  stamps   and I have not  gamble   since  1.04.2011

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