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Hi everyone!
Hi, I'm very new here, so please bare with me if this is all wrong.  I was an online gambling up until last September, I would gamble away my wages and more often than not spend my rent money (bearing in mind I have a wife and four children) my wife finally caught me and I promised I would never do it again. However,  in July I had a relapse and gambed £xx online, which might not seem a lot,  but again I was found out (only 2 days ago) and now my relationship is on  knife-edge. I thought it was only a relapse, but then I've realised. I like a drink ( another issue i have to deal with) and when I go out I would play the fruit machine and have done all the way through and it would be every time I go out. So my addiction hasn't gone anywhere I've just moved to a different aspect. I do enjoy Gambling,  but its ruining everything I have and I need to stop.
I'm sorry if it doesn't make sense. I just wanted to get it out there and hopefully there's some advice here that will me? 
Many thanks

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