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I could not agree more with what David has advised you to do and that is you should get in contact with "Gam-Anon" a sister fellowship to Gamblers Anonymous (GA) as soon as possible. It is an excellent place for people in your situation. As David said, and you may not even realise it, but your life is being affected by the life that your partner is choosing to live. He is making that choice no matter what the reasons where as you are having it inflicted upon you.
My thoughts go with you and to be honest David has already given you excellent advice and advice you should follow. All I would add to it is that you need to protect yourself and your family from your husband. That may sound harsh but as a compulsive gambler myself I helped write the book to be dishonest, deceitful and take advantage of any kind person who was foolish enough to believe a word I told them. Protect yourself financially and the financial future of your family but please contact "Gam-Anon" as they will give you all the advice and guidance you need to protect yourself from the compulsive gambler.
Good luck.

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