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My Therapy
Well Hi John,
What an amazing story and how well you wrote about it. I was intrigued as I thought in parts I was reading about myself and kept thinking that it was me that you was writing about. I live on the other side of the world in Australia, I am now a 64 year old woman who has been in recovery throught the GA program for ten years. I tried many things through life to try and stop my hideous gambling and it was only after getting out of prison and running straight to the Casino to once again start my career of gambling. I had had many fantastic jobs through my life but lost them with as much disarster as you did. The more pressure involved in the work the more I gambled, so the end part of your story concerns me really and just something for you to think about. John have you a sponsor within you GA group? If not you need to approach someone who has been around the group for a long time, someone who you like and trust, someone who you can talk with in confidence, someone who you can't 'pull the wool over their eyes', someone who you know will tell you the truth if they think you need it! I had so much ego that it took someone in my group to finally pull me up and to tell me that I was full of sh........ and to get honest and a bit more humble before I could expect recovery.
Well John, if your job dosn't work out you can always become a writer - well done!
I'm Helen and a compulsive gambler - 10 year GA member.

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