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poker / life
Hi Craig,

What is it that you are looking for on this site? Do you wish to stop gambling?? If so the next step is to locate a meeting (see under "Meetings") and then attend. If you are comfortable losing your giro AND WASTING YOUR LIFE then carry on............!

I used to do what you are doing (it's a long time ago now and I went to a smoke filled bookmakers and a poorly lit amusement arcade
to lose my dole money) and for quite some time I didn't realise I had a problem. Then one Saturday afternoon I lost my money (nothing new there) and had to go without food (that was different) until the Monday morning when I got my next fortnightly payment. There was no food in my flat and (of course) i'd gone to "try my luck" before going shopping! I went to the citizens advice bureau and there was a poster on the wall in the waiting area with a telephone number for Gamblers Anonymous (GA). I made the call, attended the meeting ten miles away and have only benefitted from it.

Only you can decide if you are a compulsive gambler or not, but you can attend a meeting if you let the 'chairperson' know why you are there. You are assured a warm welcome and most meetings provide refreshments - why not pop down and have a look.

Kind regards

'Poster' David (Barnsley)

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