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Hi...Ive just found out that my husband has started gambling again after promising me he had stopped. I found out three years ago and discovered he had re mortgaged the house three times to cover his debts. The house is in his name so I had no idea. He promised me last year he would stop as he felt so ashamed about what he had done. I then discovered I had breast cancer and have gone through 7 months of hell. Finally finished my treatment yesterday and discovered he had started gambling again in January. I open his bank statements and this is how I found out. I confronted him last night and he didnt really have an answer for why he had started again. He then started to get angry and stormed out of the house. He is still not speaking to me today. He is making me feel it is my fault. I originally took his bank card off him and I know he doesnt use his credit cards. They are all up to their max anyway, but I gave him his card back as he seemed to have stopped. I feel like his problem is now my problem and I am responsible for it now. Can anyone give me some advice please as I dont know what to do next. I have thought of telling his mum and dad because they have no idea. We have kept it from them.

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