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After many years of gambling, first at university, then afterwards while job hunting and now in a decent job I now finally find myself wanting to stop.

For me gambling is a buzz a break from the mundane, more so now we have online gambling. Early on it was fruit machines in the local pub, good for a laugh and not too much harm done.

The growth of online gambling has proved a curse for me, online roulette is a particular weakness.
In the past 4 years I've managed to waste/spend/bet thousands just on roulette online, .... yes there have been some massive wins but overall i've lost a fortune.

Yet somehow I still come back to it, even this afternoon bored at work I've just lost on roulette online in under an hour.
There's no reason for me to gamble, I don't need the money I win... well I do now the past 4 years have resulted in loans and credit cards, but I earn enough each month to live very well.... yet still feel the need to gamble.

Is gambling an illness or just a buzz to fill the void in a boring life?

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