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Hi Andy,

You have done a great job by not gambling for 285 days. Should be proud of yourself. DO NOT go and gamble again, as it will only make you curse yourself after you have gambled your money away. More misery, I can assure you.

I know how you feel. I have been through those phases of misery and come out on the other side, shining. Find something to do. Something that you like. Or maybe pick up a new hobby. I am sure you have read this in a million places, but trust me, it really helps. I took up photography to get my mind off gambling and now I really enjoy taking pictures of whatever I can. It keeps me busy and I haven't had the thought of gambling for a long long time.

Be strong and good luck. Feel free to message back and talk more if you want. I am all ears and I am sure all the other people here are too. Life has much more to offer than the stack of chips on the semi circullar table.


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