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Stolen Savings
Hi all, I have been a part-time gambler my whole life, 6 months ago i was a bit worried i was betting too much so i surrendered all my savings to my Mum to look after. I spoke to her last week and asked about the money and over a few days the lies came out and i found out she had gambled my savings. I had several hundred in a savings account that she set up for me a few years ago, several thousand in cash that she was going to invest into a work shares scheme and debts i have paid over the last year. I checked her bank records after it was left open and found out she gambled thousands over the last 6 months including all my money. I now have nothing in my account. Do you think i was right to say what is done is done or should i of get her to pay it all back (she is my mum)?..just to let you know my brother has taken control of her finances so hopefully the gambling will stop.


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