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Cannot give up gambling
I am 60 still working owning my own Bookkeeping business looking after every ones money but I am wasting all my profits on slot machines. I started to go to the bingo with my friend and we won a bit but not much on the actual bingo so we started to play on the machines I was winning loads of money which we shared but then I started to lose. I am still working just to feed my compulsion to play the slot machines. I did tell my husband about 2 years ago and I did stop for a while but for some reason I have started again. I am afraid for the consequences if my husband finds out but I still keep feeding the machines. I win but find that I put it all back in without even knowing why. I do not drive and I am unable to get to any meetings. I am making an effort by registering to try to give up altogether. Please can I have some help from fellow machine players.

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