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my story
Hi crada

Welcome, sadly to the forum.

On a brighter note, you have now admitted to yourself that you have a problem. That is crucial, because unless you admit you have a problem, you will never do anything to rectify it.

The GA forum is a great start, but the ultimate source of help/support for most of us comes from attending our GA meetings. I would sincerely suggest you do attend GA meetings ASAP.

Have you told your "other half" and your mother of your problem with gambling?
You have to be honest with them, after all they are your family.

Can someone look after your finances for a period? ( generally 6 to 12 months)
My finances were controlled by a friend for 12 months. It can ease the pressure on you.

Allow yourself a daily or weekly allowance. Only carry money on you that you need.

Limit access to credit cards, bank accounts etc.

Stay away from gambling venues, and from people who gamble.

Most importantly... go along to a GA meeting.

Best wishes

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