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28 days clean
I have now gone 28 days without a bet and for once in my life I am trying to do things differently.I have completely steered away from anything to do with what has caused my destruction over the past 25 years,ie horse racing.Every day is a struggle and the financial stress is unrelenting,just trying to keep afloat and of course now trying to clean up the mess of the financial carnage I caused myself 28 days ago when I gambled on my credit cards.I cant say Im happy as Im not,Im very depressed with life,and although I have been to a Dr and seeked medical help life still bad and if there is hope I cant really see where it is,but I guess while I am not gambling there must be somewhere.I have been attending meetings the last 4 weeks and will continue to do so as I am a compulsive gambler and Im here writing this now because I am powerless over gambling and in a world of hurt,all because of gambling.I hate it.Andy.

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