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just carnt quit poker
Hi mate, I guess, unfortunately, I am in a better position to advise on this than most. Firstly, you are still young enough to walk away from this; you really have better options at your time of life. I escaped at the last chance saloon. I have always been a gambler since leaving school, fruit machines, which I luckily kicked once and for all ten years ago, but hit online poker big time. Average earner, wife and two kids. I can't win on poker sites, I am just a very little fish, with comparitavely little money. I stopped when I was all but about to end it all, cant believe I didn't, even took out extra life insurance in anticipation. Was in lots of debt, now got it down significantly after 4 years and going well. Weigh up what you could have done for yourself with the money you have blown and think about it. I'm 42. I just got away with it before I realised. You are just setting out, make the most of your life. Hope my musing helps and good luck.

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