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why, oh why the self destruct button
Craig, deako

Thanks for your advise and kind words, I will be attending one of the meetings in my local area very soon, i have been gamble free for the last 10 days and i despise what i have done so much.

I keep on dwelling on my losses, 3 months ago i was in a comfortable position, now i am in debt, my income and outgoings are same every month so how am i ever going to pay back this debt?

I so wish i didnt do this mistake that puts me in an awkard point in life, i feel like i cant enjoy life again, i wont have fun.

I have got so much things going for me so why do i make myself miserable and unhappy by doing this stupid things

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why, oh why the self destruct button - by unlucky07 - 23-08-2010, 08:50 AM
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