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I Have had enough!!!!!!!
Hi!! Please no self blame, it is not you its this terrible desease that your husband is living with!!! First things first, wow you have done everything through love, like consolodating the loans etc you are helping and pushing him to change.

I am going to try to speak from the mind of a compulsive gambler that I am and i am going to say to you this desease we face daily you have no appreciation of how devastating it is. I believe your husband loves you but he also has to understand that he simply cannot act on impusle and gamble for the sake of you both, for the sake of your lives and future, he must understand to follow a programme is follow a programme.

Love is about nice times to look forward to, your weekend was a nice experience probably one well deserved, but now you are the strong spoil that weekend by placing a bet on the monday is wrong.

Why because his thought proccess goes back to "oh if I get a tip, keep the wife sweet". I suggest going to Gamanon and understanding how we tick us Compulsive gamblers share some experience from others and most importantly stick to the pocket money regime that you are doing at the moment.

I wish you good luck!!!

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