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my family doesn't want me
My family is done with me. My 15 year old daughter hates me for ruining her life as well as her sister's. I know it's not fair that because I have spent every last dollar they can't even take a decent lunch to school and now everything I have goes to bill collectors. It's not fair that they suffer because of my disease.

My mother is so upset with me she doesn't like to talk to me either. She has gotten me out of trouble one too many times and she won't help me any more. I am going to die poor and lonely.

I wish my love was enough to keep my family together but it's not. I hate how money causes so many problems.
The meetings are so depressing because I hear how people have lost everything and then all there is left is fellow GA members.

I'm done with people. They judge me and bring me down. I even spent the money my daughter had saved up to buy a car. It's no wonder she hates me and doesn't want anything to do with me. I love her so much but I am the worst mother in the world.

I can't sleep, I don't eat, and I don't like talking to people because all I want is my family to love me and help me through this difficult time. I promise to go to the meetings but I haave trouble sitting through them. But I'll go because it makes my family feel better.

Those of you that have family that stick by your side are the luckiest people in the world.
Take care, don't gamble, and go to meetings.
T Wood

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