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Hi Destiny,

I hear what you are saying and think you are seeing the obvious now.

Staying away IS the only way to protect yourself from someone who is unwilling to accept their problems and are unwilling to face them and do something about them. Most comulsive gamblers will tell you how very little they really cared about their children, as the gambling did, does and will always be more important than your children. Even IF he tells you he has stopped it will take a long, long, long time to regain an element of trust but:

There is always some hope! If he does stop, and regularly attends meetings, you will probably be able to see a personality change in him and maybe you will learn to trust a bit. Your child may actually grow up with a father who has time to play with his child and not begrudge spending money on an ice cream. This last one is true whether you stay together or not.

What you decide is entirely up to you, but the decision MUST be linked to his actions.

Just my opinion, but maybe shared by many others??

Take care.


Last bet 26 sep 2009

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