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In despair
Thanks for the replies. He went to his counselling yesterday but was in a bad mood when he got home. He does admit hd has a problem but I really don't think he wants to stop completley. The problem is I am always so nervous of the next bet that I'm always going on about it, saying why don't you go on this website and one day at a time etc. He then says me going on makes it worse but I really can't help it. I want him to stop so badly I don't want him to let me down again which in my heart I think he will. When he got back last night we had a bit of a row, he said if I keep going on he will leave me! I have had to make the sad decision to look for a place to rent, even if only for him to sort his head out. Thing is I don't even trust him to be able to pay the mortgage and bills if I do go! What a nightmare, I think sadly you are All right I cannot make him stop and I do not believe he truly wants to. This is affecting my whole life, I'm finding it hard to even work at the moment.

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