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need to go back
Hi Helen,
thanks for your words. I understand that the path I must follow now will lead to a better place for myself and all those around me. However, at the present moment that path appears rockier than I could ever imagine.
Because of the pain I have caused my wife, the times I have lied, promises I have broken, hardships I have caused, and the trust I have lost, we agreed to separate, and I moved out of my home this morning.
To say goodbye to my children and tell them I will only be "home" at weekends, was soul destroying. We sat them down on Friday and tried to explain everything that had happened without sugar coating it, and I was so proud of them. Knowing I will not wake them up every morning for breakfast, or kiss them goodnight, is a pain I will never erase. But it is a pain I have caused by my actions, and I must ensure never to repeat them.
While I hope the future will be brighter for us all, I cannot be certain. But I am starting to understand there are no certainties in life when you are a compulsive gambler. Regardless of this, I will keep on this road a day at a time, with the hope it will enrich the life of my family and friends by making me a better person.


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