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new fool
Dear new fool,

Thankyou for submitting your story to the Gamblers Anonymous (GA) forum. I usually advise people to get themselves to a GA meeting. First of all to find where it is and then to get themselves down there so as to meet other people face to face. For me, when I eventually managed this I realised I was not the only "fool" out there. I may have been the "newest" at my first meeting, however by listening to others, not placing a bet and doing the GA program I moved forwards. Today I am in a position where I am able to give something back.
I would ask you if there is a "SureStart" scheme where you live? This is designed to give new parents a helpful hand in life at, what for many, can be a daunting period. If this is not available, in your rural area, I would imagine there is a Mothers and Babies group - perhaps run by a local church. Please do not dismiss this suggestion as it contains the word 'church'. Again the principle is that you'll meet other people in the same boat as you ie new Mums. Admittedly not all will be compulsive gamblers (as would be the case if you attended a 'closed' meeting of Gamblers Anonymous where all attendees are compulsive gamblers wishing to stop their gambling and lead a better life) some may be, but all should be Mums so you'll have plenty to talk about.
You say you've read all the books you own. Perhaps you could join the library? Reading exercises the mind they say. Looking for something to give you the same, or a similar, "buzz", to gambling, is, in my experience, likely to be a fruitless search. Pursuing it is likely to waste time you could be putting to good use in getting onto the recovery program of GA. It is also probable that this search will take you down the wrong path, to a dead end, perhaps literally. Beware.
Finally, there is an 'online' meeting in the GA chatroom on this website on a Thursday evening. This may put you in touch with others in similar situations all around the globe (there could even be someone near where you live who you can meet with and set up a new GA meeting!). I personally find face to face meetings more helpful than online ones but we must tailor our suit needs to match our cloth availability. Try to steer clear from putting that first bet on and you won't lose your stake.

Hope this is helpful.

'Poster' David

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