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Not all that he is
Hi daisy chain,

Believe me I when I say that I too have been at the end of my tether and every time a relapse occurs, I find myself distancing myself from him. I put up emotional walls to try and protect myself from it all. It has taken me a while to realise that with a negative attitude and destructive angry words aimed at him I will only make the situation worse and further lower his already fragile self esteem. Instead I now try and find the strength to look for something positive to say. It is a long hard journey for everyone involved not just for the gambler. I too have tried to adapt to the one day at a time method. Just for today I am going to be strong and help him to recover. Just for day I am not going to be negative about the situation. It is a lot easier than thinking along the lines of "Is it always going to be this hard and how many more times is he going to put us through this."

I'm glad my words helped, as I was writing them it was aimed at him, but also, as I was writing it I realised that it might help others too and I'm glad that it has made even just one person stop and think.

Good luck and I hope you both too get through it.

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