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Cursed with addiction, on my knee's!
Hello people,
well this is my first step into recovery from my gambling addiction.
I have been here before but with drugs and alcohol...does this never end?
I am four years clean from the booze and cocaine, by stopping those i unleashed the gambling monster that was waiting for it's turn to rear it's ugly head yet again.

I started gambling (i guess) at five years old. When everyone thought i was cute pressing the button on the fruit machine in the pub. I actually got requests because i was apparently "lucky".
By the age of 11 i used to go to arcades myself with my school money.
I suppose it has always been a problem for me, and the amount of times i have promised myself never again leaves me filled with self hatred and loathing.
And a hole in my soul the size of Everest.

I am in so much money trouble i can't bear to think of it, i will soon be going to court for fraud.
Hilarious when you realize i am a single mother of two.
I wonder how i can be such a failure as a parent, i started working with a view to save money for them to go to college and i have given them nothing.
They deserve so much better, i hate that i am who i am and am so desperate to change my life once again for the better.

I really feel if i can get to some meetings it will help as the power of one addict helping another is without parallel. N.A meetings helped me with my other addictions and i am on my knees here.
I am trying to find a local daytime meeting to w11 or w12, if anyone could point me in the right direction i'd be very grateful,
Thanks you beautiful people

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