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Hi Andy,

Really good to hear from you and thank you for posting again...

For me a day used to be a long time not to gamble so hearing your therapy reminds me there is hope within GA. Hope that I can get a new life and recover a day at a time using the GA recovery program...

The other thing gives me is the feeling of never being alone...Walking into a room with other compulsive gamblers working on their addictions is awe inspiring and to hear their progress on a daily, weekly and then yearly basis is what i love...

When i had my 'break' from GA (however mine was due to gambling) and returned to the group, i thought i'd get a rough time, but there was none of that.. It felt like walking into my 2nd home - getting pats on the back, a cuppa made for me and a biscuit or two... (except at home I have to make my own cuppa)

Keep in touch Andy...
In unity

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