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Live chat
Hi all, just want to put a few lines down about the live chat facility available on this site.

At the meeting that I go to I've voiced my opinion that although this website serves a purpose it cannot replace the benefit of a face to face meeting, but should be used in conjunction with meetings. Only my opinion and I'm sure there's people out there who will disagree and that's fine but I've spent more and more time on the live chat over this last week and I've become slightly disillusioned with some of the members that go on there. I'm sure that 99.9% of people mean well but I think that sometimes things go way of the beaten track and there is a possibility that someone logging on who is after a little support may log off feeling worse than when they first went on. I appreciate that it is an open chat room and people can say what they like on there but my advice to anyone who is logging on for the first time just needs to be a little careful. There is no miracle cure for you and some of the things that others will say may not help you.

I quite often don't say anything when I'm on the live chat as I just tend to read what others are saying, especially if there is quite a number of members logged in. However, there has been a couple of occasions when I've been on (normally in the mornings) when there has only been one or two others on and I've found that these tend to be newbies (I'm only 60 days in so still a newbie myself) and I've managed to, I hope, pass on a few words of encouragement to these guys and girls.

So before I go I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and if you go on to the live chat, whether it be looking for support or you end up giving support please think about what you're typing before pushing send. I am the first person to say that I don't want a pat on the back for not having a bet for x amount of days but some people do need that well done.

Stay safe everyone


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