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A Milestone
andy Wrote:Unfortunately this cunning and invicible disease has and always will have the better of me,I had managed to abstain for 3 full years up until 20th of May,but unfortunately since then ive disintegrated and I am now in the depths of despair and the darkest of dark places that I ever was the million times before except worse.

Andy that's were you arn't getting how GA works at all..

GA isn't about abstaining from gambling...its about surrendering...accepting you are powerless over gambling.

I hear many people say GA hasn't worked for them, but when you ask them what they did in their recovery they generally say i attended meetings but not much else and now i've stopped attending.

GA recovery is so much more..Its working the 12 step recovery programme on a DAILY basis to the best of my ability. It demands Honesty, Open mindedness and a willingness to change...

Can you say you've put in that level of change?

Smartie xx

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