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Online Gambling
hi you are certainly not on your own in feeling the way you do i have done exactly the same thing except i carried on until i lost my home and managed to get into thousands in debt; it didn't matter how much i beat myself up over all the money i had lost i still went back and put more on the internet gaming sites, after 10 plus years i finally gave up chasing the impossible dream. With the support of my daughters i put a block on my laptop so that all access to sites was stopped and started to attend my local GA ,after one meeting the relief i felt just coming clean about everything was unbelievable; it has been 33 days since my last bet and although it has not been easy each day is a bonus and finally my daughters have got their mum 'back'. My advice to you is get the block put on your computer if you can and if you want too get in touch with your local GA.and hopefully you will find the meeting offers exactly what you are looking for - you certainly have started going in the right direction, good luck

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