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New guest welcome to talk
Your right bobby...there is always support in GA...

All anyone needs is a desire to stop gambling...and check out your nearest GA meeting...

or don't forget there's the Chat room above.

Smartie xx
I like the way you're trying to encourage people to chat Bobby...

Do you have a sponsor? Use your groups's phone list? Perhaps you could write a contribution for the New life and forward it to the New life editor?

Smartie xx
Heads could contact the National PRO...
Steve is a font of knowledge and has served GA in this role for many years...perhaps that may be a good starting point?

His details are above on the Contact us tab at the top of the page...

Smartie xx
A saying i often remember...what i put into my recovery i tend to get out..

so if i put in nothing...why am i surprised when i struggle?
Has it been a good week so far Bobby? Any highlights or learning opportunities?
Hi Bobby and everyone else. My recovery of late has been a bit up and down. Life can be challenging and sadly there's been a few settlement issues with how GA works...but hopefully the situation will be resolved positively...

That being said I'm taking my recovery seriously....I'm attending another fellowship meeting tonight and will be listening carefully.

Tc and anyone else who wants to share and let us know how your week has been reply back...

Smartie xx
(27-11-2015, 08:21 PM)Crilly81 Wrote: Ive had an up and down week too and miss the buzz of gambling but not the aftermath. If I played an online game of poker or roulette for free and didnt deposit would that break my abstinence just out of interest?

Good question Crilly...Well the current GA definition of gambling essentially says that after attending a few GA meetings and working the program, a person will know if its gambling or not to them....Please note that's my paraphrased analogy of it. If you look in the GA guidance code which each group secretary should have a copy of, you can get the full wording.

So i can't say what the answer is for you,,,,but for me it would break my abstinence...reason i say that is i know how that felt. Eventually i went back on to the real thing. Is it a surprise that the gambling industry spends so much money on offering free bets to customers when they run out of money?

Anyway...hope you make the right choice...
Smartie xx
(01-12-2015, 02:25 PM)Mieca Wrote: Dose chat room function not work on the iPad ?

I know it doesn't work on iphones.  I know a lot of people use the room on their ipads....perhaps check your control panel to make sure you can get on?

Smartie x

(01-12-2015, 07:59 PM)Mieca Wrote: Today has been a struggle for me as its pay day I'm a new member of the GA family as scratch cards are my main poison being looked at in every shop today and they are wondering why I'm not buying them so I told them in a compulsive gambler on the wagon and you will be surprised how supportive they are to help me through this devastating time I'm gonna need more help than I thought as I'm feeling good for not gambling but confused worried and a little depressed I can't the local supermarket have told me they will refuse me any scratch cards in the future but I think that's more prevention more than cure and a little bit like I'm child being told no  I have to ask for everything and that's what's making me feel down

Absolutely Mieca....GA isn't about abstinence alone, its so much more than that.  GA offers people a 12 step recovery program that they work a day at a time.  
Once I found my nearest GA meeting, I made sure I got a sponsor asap.  This can really accelerate a person's recovery but like anything, it depends on the honesty, openness and change you are willing to make within the program.

Smartie xx
Hello Ducksy

Have you read the ‘About GA’ link on the top of the main GA page?........... explains about GA and how it can help?

Good thing i can tell you is there are thousands of people working the GA recovery program's 12 steps one day at a time and learning how to deal with this illness....

As long as you have a desire to stop gambling, check out your nearest GA meeting?

Smartie xx

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