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How's your Christmas been?
The thought of the potentially more money be around, a watchful eye less watchful, more sporting events, less frequent and big ga meetings among other things. Made me extra cautious and worried in the build up to Christmas in regards to my gambling!

So my question to you is how was your Christmas and what did you do to ensure you had a gamble free Christmas?

Me? I reminded my dad mum and girlfriend that I have a problem and to please help me keep all my barriers in place (e.g not let there standards slip when it comes to receipts.) I also asked them to mentally note how much money I received as presents and to take it subtly when a occasion arises (not everyone knows).

My Christmas flawless I'm not a Christmas fan but this has been thoroughly enjoyable my best one over for other reasons. On the gambling front it's been fantastic and I think because of the extra measures gambling wasn't a problem. 

I'm not saying at times it didn't cross my mind and things triggered it but that will unfortunately be part and parcel of my life for the foreseeable future, something I have to accept and deal with in a positive manner! Smile
Preparation, Preparation, Preparation...Its an important part of my recovery working the 12 steps and yes, Christmas SO FAR has gone okay. I'm mindful though its not over. New Years eve / New years day has been tough on me in the past so i'm keeping everything simple til after then.

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