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My way and my thoughts of quitting gambling
First thing is first, we have to admit we have a problem then,,,,,

Im 35 yrs old in the west midlands area, i started going into the bookies (bookies name) back in 2004 for a football bet, never used or been on the slots at that time, i was going in the bookies couple of times a week just to put few pounds on football, i remember winning xx accumulator bet on the football, each time i was there i seen some guys blowing their cash on the slot machines and at that point i thought they lost their mind and thought i never go near it but hay i couldn't be more wrong,,,,

Years passed and i was at tbe bookies and wanted to give it a try started and i lost it all in the end and i thought this is it this is crazy , anyway, i went back after couple of month started putting notes in and play, won some again and lost, untill last year i think i must have put about xx in total, well only 3 weeks ago one day i won xx and was really happy the next day i went to (gambling name) and put in a total of xx. I was feeling useless and wanted to cry.
Then i decieded this has to stop and i did it, never look back and feel much better already.

You just need to work your mind thats all to it, its not hard believe me, in my opinion excluding youself and attending meetings isnt really my way of quitting, it has it ups and downs when you go to these meetings and when you excluding youself from a shop mentaly.

You can do it too. Ask yourself these and think it through.

Think about all the money you could have now and what you could use it on?

Playing against something tbat toke years and billions to invent isnt a wise way to gain or to think to win money from is it ?

Toke lots and lots of time efforts and money to invent those machines, its not for us victims to win from exactly is it?

The numbers adds up to 666 in total for a reason!!!

Why casinos and bookies arent allowed in israel?? Because its a bad habits and it drains its own peoples pockets and their lives.

For 2 weeks i went it to (bookies name) and just played a spin or two, i won xx  and i thought i found an easy quick way to earn my daily pocket money just to spend but again i was wrong, after the two weeks i probably won about xx in total but one day i lost xx out of my credit card, so just imagine two weeks of my time my life my travelling to these bookies plus the stress and that was the end of it!!!

For those friends who thinks roulette is bad bjt poker is better or real casino or whatever please please your wrong, gambling is gambling and tbey all thought for and planned to drain you none of it comes in your way believe me i been there and i know.

Im not a religious guy at all but let me tell you one thing that comes from experience, turn to god for help he will help you, just find a quite place just youself ask him for help, you will wake up and you will change you will feel better and you feel in control somehow.

Think about you kids and reputation too, gambling brings shame to your family and your kids, i have 2 kids myself.

The more we talk tbe better, we all support each other and that makes us stronger.

Yes you can do it and it isn't that hard.


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