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My thoughts and feelings as i quit
Hello to any readers. I have been gambling for the past 3 years. And although it hasn't been as long as some others here, it has damaged my life in a lot of ways. Mainly relationship with my fiance and a big minus on my bank account. Addiction has also made me very passive and uninterested in most things. In the three years i have lost xxxxx. Which is why i chose to quit for good. At this rate if i continue i would certainly be homeless and if it wasnt for the support from my fiance i would definitely be in the streets. It has been very hard. But i finally got to the point where i don't think about gambling. Not even for a second. It has been 30 days today since my last bet, and i feel very confident that i can continue. I will be coming back to this post, week by week and i will share more of what i believe drove me to spending so much money and what i hope to achieve with the extra money and time. Thanks for reading this short intro and there will be more to come.
Hi L999,

Hope you do continue to journal your recovery, its certainly proves useful for many others including yours truly

Til then, Smartie xx
Now.. another week gone. 0 pennies wasted. Feeling confident. Trying to concentrate on other things in life i enjoy, trying to reprogramme my brain. I believe the main objective is to find a permanent way to get enough satisfaction from other activities. The only drawback has been an increased smoking/vaping. But at the moment i can live with that if it keeps me sane and on track. One problem at a time. I had my pay check from my workplace this week, covered the whole rent. Paid my monthly loan instalment, paid a couple more people. Nothing wasted.normally payday is the hardest for me, as in the past i would spend 90% of it in the first 2 days. So a good sign that im heading where i need to be heading. See ya next week. Keep on fighting. Share ur thoughs in the comment section
keep going buddy, one day at a time, it starts to get easier but can never be complacent.
great start strengthtostop says don't get complacent. this illness loves to laugh in the faces of people it can get back into action again
That's awesome bro. I'm rooting for you. Be ready for your mind playing all kind of tricks on you though. There are going to be tough days, but you can do it! Try to find joy in other things, like you said.

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