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Chasing the wild line: A story of online gambling
Hello all,

While I was struggling with my gambling addiction and trying to find books that could help me I realized that there weren't that many on the subject, and the ones available were outdated and focused on the potential wow factor that could sell the book rather than trying to help the gamblers.
So after I quit gambling, I thought that there isn't anybody else better than me to write this book, because for me is personal. I want to tell my story to hopefully heal in this process and help others that could be minutes away from doing something stupid and potentially tragic.
I believe that online gambling is an extremely dangerous addiction because there are no signs. You would spot somebody that smokes. You will notice if somebody is taking drugs. You would see changes in behavior and inability to perform simple tasks for somebody that has a drinking problem. But there are no signs for a gambling addict. You could maybe see that person being depressed but the list of things that you could blame for depression is as long as it gets and currently ongoing.
I notice you haven't mentioned attending a GA meeting? Any reason?

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