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Requested Permanent Self Exclusion - but still allowed to bet - xxx
Hello all

2 years ago I requested permanent self-exclusion accompanied with a wish to receive no further emails from xxx. I was addicted to gambling.

I did the same with all my betting accounts.

Recently I stupidly relapsed and managed to effortlessly re-open my xxx account using the same details.

My addiction returned and I subsequently found my gambling out of control.

I am now seeking help for this again through the 12 steps and  having excluded myself from gambling sites and signed up to Gamstop.

I understand this entirely my fault but my question is whether xxx should held responsible to allow me to continue betting?

I have contacted xxx and they have admitted receiving my request to permanently exclude me –

"In this e-mail, you had requested to close the account permanently, on receipt of your e-mail we replied requesting what type of closure you would like applied. As we offer different types of closures, standard closure, time-outs and self-exclusions."

I did not open the initial email as I no longer wished to have anything to do with a betting company.

I  did deposit a vast amount, however they did offer me large incentives to continue betting with them. Below is an email I received from them 

"Be great to catch up, but if you can just let me know firstly how you’d like to be contacted (email, phone, text), and more importantly when available what type of rewards would you prefer (bonuses, hospitality events, personal gifts)."

Not great practice to offer this to someone who had asked for his account to be permanently closed 

Do I have a case for the return of my deposits ? 

Any form of advice would be dearly appreciated

Many thanks
Hi ducksm,

I had a similar experience with another organisation years ago, but they actually spotted it and refunded me the money. Obviously you are accountable for your own actions, as am I, however the process for self exclusion is there to protect us. I would report it to the gambling commission and hold them accountable as you shouldn't have been able to open the account.

Get yourself along to your nearest meeting and start working the program, it's helped me stop and stay stopped.

Wishing you well

One day at a time.  My last bet was 15/03/2016 and I hope and pray each day that it stays that way.
Thank you Simmo

it's very much appreciated.

I agree it is my own fault but feel if I've asked to be excluded than this should be the case.

I've started attending the meetings, it's hugely helped so far.  Just knowing I'm not alone and there are people to help has been overwhelming


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