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the straw the broke the camels back
Hi all. this is my first time posting on anything like this. my husband is a compulsive gambler..has been for the 14years we have been together. when our daughter turned 2 we broke up for almost two years. in that time he finally took his addiction serios got help and went into recovery. we got back together and had a son in 2015.. all the while he remained in recovery.  we got engaged..then he had a slip the summee before or wedding..a year until our wedding day. we got married in may 2017 and 1 month later i discovered he had been gambling since the march. he promised the usual and we kept our marriage then in December i found a naked pic on his phone from a female work colleague. he said nothing else happened that it was jus a bit of fun that got out of control. said the thought he had deleted the pic (he had but it was in deleted file( of course this 2 was blamed on his escape he told me since he wasnt gambling. i again forgave altho it did take me months. finally on wed ive caught him lying again and he is gambling. ive put him out this time. i got 2 txts to say sorry..any other time he bombards me with them. he tells me hes going to rehab. i dont care anymore. surely ive taking enough of this..ive tried hard enough? he cheated on me loads at the start aswrl

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