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here to try again
Hi All

My name is Keith and im a compulsive gambler here to try again.

this a thread I wrote in February 2016 when I started gambling again after 16 years abstinence.

It Happened to me after 16 years of abstinence the brain told me go on have a bet it will be ok

so that's what I did. And as listed in the book with disastrous effects the compulsiveness in me did

not take long to return and before I knew it all the old habits had returned the buzz and the compulsive

gambler in me did not take long to rear its very ugly head. I had done quite a lot of monetary damage

but the damage I caused to my peace of mind was worse.  4 weeks in to this recovery and i am doing ok,

One day at a time. It is almost as difficult as the first time I entered the GA rooms in 1999

it's like that 16 years counted for nothing but again that's probably just the addiction trying to kid me.

I met a lot of great people through the GA and learned a lot of great knowledge and wisdom from them all.

I have my higher power and am getting through it, but only for today I did not gamble

I hope it makes me stronger to face tomorrow

In Unity Keith. and to all in recovery good luck.
Welcome back Keith,

I'm yet to meet anyone who has been abstinent and been able to go back to gambling is a controlled fashion. from my experience and from others, including yours, appears that what they say in the rooms may be true, that the illness can be halted but not cured. One day at a time, I do not place a bet.

When was your last bet?

In Unity

One day at a time.  My last bet was 15/03/2016 and I hope and pray each day that it stays that way.
Hello Keith,
Well done for getting back on the road to recovery. Thanks for the reminder, if it was needed, that this illness never leaves us, and to just accept that gambling has us beat.
Keep up your good work.

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