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Advice about gaming please
Hi, I am seeking advice to help my son. He is not a traditional type of gambler (if that exists) but is addicted to playing onilne games for which he pays money ( a lot) to buy 'power' (as I understand it) within his game. His relationship nearly ended when it was discovered recently that he had spent a vast amount of money on these games over the last couple of years & has accumulateda large debt despite saying he wasnt paying.
I realise this is a form of gamblng as he is paying money to get reward & we encouraged him to go to a GA meeting. He accepts he needs help & has been to 2 meetings but doesnt want to return as he feels 'the people there are not like him' and doesnt feel it can help him to just talk for a few minutes when he feels he needs deeper discusssion to explore the reasons he has been escaping in to this online world for many years.
I have searched but cannot find anything specifically tailored to this type of 'gambling' so now think he should get some one to one counselling. However in his area the counselling directory does not bring up many suitable counsellors and the ones it does appear to not have many years experience...
I can pay for some help for him but dont know where to start or how to choose the right preson and not waste the limited amount of money I have to spend. Is anyone able to advise please? We are in Hertfordshire. Thank you in advance.
Hello. I've found through experience that a lot of gaming addicts do suffer the same traits as compulsive gamblers, i.e losing/spending money they can't afford, losing time on the games, lying about what they are doing, getting the need to return as soon as they can, and it can add up to thousands, although it is very much so a mental problem as well.
I don't think GA is necessarily the best place for your son, I'm sure there are counsellors who might be able to help, but if there is nothing else,I would encourage your son to continue to go to GA to be able to have a platform to share how he is feeling.
Whenever I got too involved in these games, spending money for features or virtual money and found myself getting out of control, I found the best thing was to delete those games. Once it was gone it made it easier. I couldn't control it so it was better not to play them at all, same as gambling.
Good luck.
How do I stop gambling?



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