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First post 100k loan debt in 8 months!
So this is my first post..

I am a 30 year old husband and father.
I started of playing bj online at live casinos with £x it started of as fun win £x a day.. suddenly I was playing more each day and winning! Within around 2 weeks I was at x

Right so you would stop right.. no I kept going it seemed to easy I wanted more.. so I think it was a Sunday wife was in a bath and I had nothing else to do.. 20 mins later I’m down to around x! I felt sick to my stomach!

So I thought I need more money to win that all back and decided to use my credit card for the amount of x to win it back fast!  So now I’m using money that isn’t mine!
Long story short I lost it all!! I then borrowed around x lost all that told my father he meant me money to pay back the loan companies I didn’t I gambled again and lost!

I’m now thinking what to do.. I end up getting a x second charge loan on my property  pay off some of the loans  and said to myself that’s it’s!

But I couldn’t let it go I wanted to get out of debt I wanted to win it back and clear all off this! 

So I ended up getting loans again and again I’m now in over x worth of debts! I’ve gone to citizens advice went to Iva company was refused help as gambling is on my statements!

I’ve been suicidal and I’m constantly depressed for the stupid mistakes I’ve made and I’m at a dead end now and don’t really know what to do!

This addiction / habit / problem can be extremely serious but the good news is there is help, but it can take time to engage with.....

I went through the CAB, but also step change and other organisations. I kept an open mind and eventually found a way forward that wasn't a quick solution, but at least it took the immediate pressure off...

Next I knew i needed help. i'd tried stopping on my own many times and always found a reason to start i went for counselling and combined that with weekly GA meetings....

I also shared with my family and got their support as long as i kept receiving help. Its certainly been a bumpy journey and i'm still working on recovery many years later.....

Any questions / thoughts share back....

Smartie xx
Meetings help, but meetings are only a small part to how GA works....

GA is a 12 step organisation that offers the program that keeps me in recovery...

Thank you for your reply.. I’ve spoke to cab and step change know one can help me!
All I can do is contact the banks and tell them I can’t pay my loans..

I’ve done this but it doesn’t make the loans disappear.

It’s like I started gambling to make life more easy and now it’s made it not worth living!

Tough times!
Hello 55kdown   Of course someone can help you. Why do you think Gamblers Anonymous exists? It exists to help the compulsive gambler who still suffers. Sounds like you, doesn't it? If its worked correctly, part of the Gamblers Anonymous Recovery Program will deal with finances and the repayment of your gambling debts. You may not necessarily like how you are told to pay back your debts, but the plan will work. The debts will not go away over night and may take a long time to pay back. But there is a reason for doing it the GA way. Think about that for a bit. Your situation is not unique and GA has dealt with your problem many times . Give GA a chance. Everything to gain and nothing to lose. Wish you the best in your recovery.   Lew B.-Woodbury Mondsy Night

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