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New do you deal with the void it leaves.
Hi there...I am a newbie and have just admitted to myself that I have a problem...I have done all the self exclusion stuff and was wondering how people deal with the void it leaves.

I only bet on fruit machines or online, and most of the time i didn’t know why I was doing it as it was not making feel good (even when winning)...but it seems to have left a void that I am feeling hard to deal with.

I want to beat this and I need to identify the solution for this void.

For me it was important to fill my days with healthy actions and with healthy interactions.

Sadly as I slipped more and more in to my addictions and my obsessions I was less productive in personal avenues of my life.

The decision what was healthy and what was unhealthy, for me to exchange unhealthy habits in to healthy habits.

My unhealthy default ways was to live in fear, was to procrastinate, and avoid healthy decisions for myself.

The healthy well motivated people in the recovery program helped me understand in order for me to become healthy I needed to become much more productive and to not live in the pains of my past.

Just abstaining from unhealthy habits was not enough for change with in myself.

It was my choice to admit to myself that my addictions and my obsessions were unhealthy ways to self destruction.

That only by becoming selfish and motivated could I change from my unhealthy ways and take up healthy interactive ways.

In order to heal my hurt inner child I needed to stop hurting myself and stop causing myself pains and to not live in the pains of my past.

Only by me becoming a selfish person and motivated in healthy ways could I change how I felt about myself.

To move from a talker to become a walker and get my ass in to gear to become healthy in so many ways.

Love and peace to every one.

Dave L

AKA Dave Of Beckenham
Hi, great to hear that you have started on your road to recovery - putting blocks in place and physically stopping gambling is the first thing. As you make the point living a new life without addictive gambling is where you start to reap the rewards. If you've been able to get to a meeting you'll have met lots of people who have been able to turn all the time they spent gambling into positive action - eg studying, doing a sport or spending time with loved ones.

Gambling takes time and opportunity from us, steals this from ourselves and those around us, we can't get this back but we can grab every opportunity going forward. So in my opinion we shouldn't say how do I fill the void, (which incidentally I hear often) we should say, what opportunities can I grab. Have a think about what you want to do and give as much energy to this as you did to gambling - it doesn't really matter what it is as long as it is positive.

I wish you all the best in your recovery - stay in touch

In GA, Phil

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