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No more.
My name is Gary. My last bet was 00.30am 18th May 2020.
I am determined never to bet again.
Never to spawn my energy, time or money on the hateful gambling.
I am so much better than just an addicted gambler. I will always love the buzz and addiction, but I know I value my time and family more.  
I just wanted to tattoo this down somewhere public for myself. 
May the universe be kind to me and show me the light and way forward.
Good luck Gary, you're making a positive start by joining the program.

Please take time to go to a meeting, it gives you the strength and resolve and the tools to help you stay stopped.

Best wishes for your recovery.
My last bet was 14th December 2017. I owe GA my life, for saving mine from misery and financial ruin.
Just for today, I will not gamble. And when I wake tomorrow, I will make that same promise to not gamble, just for today.

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